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2019 Legislature Budget Analysis Tools

Agency 09-19 MgmtPln Graphs 10-20 GovAmd Graphs 05-19 Budget Highlights 06-20 Gov Amd Transaction
06-20 Gov Amd Transaction
Detail With Notes
FY19 Increment Status Sheets (N/A = no relevant data for FY19) OMB Personal Services Reports
Administration DOA Graph DOA Graph GovAmd DOA Highlights N/A N/A DOA Increment DOA PSReport
Community and Economic Development CED Graph CED Graph GovAmd CED Highlights N/A N/A N/A CED PSReport
Corrections DOC Graph DOC Graph GovAmd DOC Highlights N/A N/A DOC Increment DOC PSReport
Education and Early Development DOE Graph DOE Graph GovAmd DOE Highlights N/A N/A DOE Increment DOE PSReport
Environmental Conservation DEC Graph DEC Graph GovAmd DEC Highlights N/A N/A N/A DEC PSReport
Fish and Game DFG Graph DFG Graph GovAmd DFG Highlights N/A N/A DFG Increment DFG PSReport
Office of the Governor N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A GOV PSReport
Health and Social Services HSS Graph HSS Graph GovAmd HSS Highlights N/A N/A HSS Increment HSS PSReport
Labor and Workforce Development DOL Graph DOL Graph GovAmd DOL Highlights N/A N/A N/A DOL PSReport
Law LAW Graph LAW Graph GovAmd LAW Highlights N/A N/A LAW Increment LAW PSReport
Military and Veterans Affairs MVA Graph MVA Graph GovAmd MVA Highlights N/A N/A MVA Increment MVA PSReport
Natural Resources DNR Graph DNR Graph GovAmd DNR Highlights N/A N/A DNR Increment DNR PSReport
Public Safety DPS Graph DPS Graph GovAmd DPS Highlights N/A N/A DPS Increment DPS PSReport
Revenue DOR Graph DOR Graph GovAmd DOR Highlights N/A N/A DOR Increment DOR PSReport
Transportation / Public Facilities DOT Graph DOT Graph GovAmd DOT Highlights N/A N/A N/A DOT PSReport
University of Alaska UOA Graph UOA Graph GovAmd UOA Highlights N/A N/A UOA Increment N/A
Judiciary JUD Graph JUD Graph GovAmd JUD Highlights N/A N/A JUD Increment N/A
Legislature N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

Last Updated 2019-03-08